Thank You: A Poem

Thank you

For your eyes,

How they look at me

As if there were nothing else.

That look on your face

Makes me believe

I am beautiful.

No one

Ever convinced me of that before.

Thank you

For the respect,

Genuine or no,

It is nice to be acknowledged

As a competent individual.


Your arms are safe and strong.

I like it there.

Your hands are large and powerful.

They create magnificent structures

And delicate artwork.

Your shoulders hold the weight of a lifetime,

Yet you make me feel completely at ease.

For the first time

I feel

I can


I cannot bear to add to your load,

For you have been so gracious,

So kind to me.

I can be myself with you,



You hold open doors and pull out chairs.

You lift boxes and cases and escort me up the stairs.

You stay by my side when I am down.

In times of trouble you are always around.

At the end of a hard day

Your smile remains.

You patiently wait, no matter my delay.

We solve the world’s problems one glass at a time,

Enjoying the spirit lifting effects of the wine.


Thank you for being a part of my life.

If you are real or in my mind,

I don’t know.

I don’t care.

I only hope,



I can say thanks.

And repay you for the amazing life

I have now


You supported this wild eyed, crazy headed, fool with a dream.


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