Be Selfish

Do something for yourself.

Take care of you first.

Be Selfish.

Please don’t immediately dismiss this as me being an insensitive jerk.  Hear me out.

Society today crams a bunch of malarkey down everyone’s collective throat that somehow if you are not continually sacrificing yourself for your fellow man you are a plague on the earth and should not only be ashamed of yourself, you should be reprimanded painfully.  Unfortunately, the do-gooder attitude has gotten this situation very, very confused.

I offer you:  to best serve others, first be the best version of yourself.

Today, in this perpetually connected world, it is easy to get burnt out and frazzled; to allow the excuses to creep in, and begin feeling that not loving yourself is okay.


Always love yourself first! Because if you do not fully love and appreciate the amazingly wonder that is each and every molecule of your being, then you are not capable of fully loving anyone else, and no one else will get to know and fully love, appreciate and honor the beauty that is you.

Read the following allowed at least once daily for two weeks:

I am a miracle of this world.  Each day I awaken with the ability to discover the new adventures in my life.  I am strong and independent enough to choose my own path.  I am kind and generous enough to serve those around me.  I am passionate enough to soar through my troubles and achieve the dreams and goals I have laid out for myself.  I have patience with others, but more importantly with myself.  I refrain from negative self-chatter and speak to encourage, empower and embolden myself.

Perfection is a myth.  I seek only to better myself each day through love and nourishment of my body, mind and soul, by eating well, exercising, expanding my horizons and practicing gratitude.  I seek to better the situation of those whom I care about most deeply, by honoring myself first.  For when I do this, I am filled with a bounty of energy that exceeds my wildest imagination and I can fulfill their needs as well as many others.  By giving myself this gift, I become a force for good.

He who controls others may be powerful, but he who has mastered himself is mightier still. ~Lao Tzu



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