You’re walking by the store window when it catches your eye.  Maybe it is the newest iPhone or iDevice, maybe it is a big sparkling diamond, maybe it is the latest sneakers.  Whatever it is that will make you stop at the window, stare longingly, and postulate about how much grander your life would be if you possessed said item.  Sometimes we are so good at creating these stories in our own minds that we actually purchase the item we are eyeballing through the glass, but it never seems to make our dreams and desires come true.

I am not an expert (nor do I play one on the Internet), but something in our culture (perhaps the massive marketing efforts) has convinced us if we just had this one thing, it would act as a talisman and we would change certain aspects of our lives (with the assistance of said object of course).  For example, if I just had a fitbit I would work out more and walk more because I need it to know exactly how many calories I am burning and how far I am walking each day otherwise I can’t be as active or healthy as I should be.  OR maybe my career would be better if I just had that suit or this watch, or that black leather briefcase.  Because it is my horrible bosses fault I am not getting the promotions I feel I deserve, regardless of my output and it is the companies fault the work I am doing does not interest me, but a suit, watch or briefcase, would ensure I am selected for my perfect fit job.  Nothing in my life is my fault, but once I get this magical item everything I have decided is wrong in my life can be fixed and will be better.

In January some people take the opportunity to re-evaluate their lives, some even set resolutions.  Unfortunately most people don’t seriously evaluate their situation, and those who do make resolutions rarely stick with them.  If you belong to a health club, you witness this every year first hand.  Early in January the club is always packed, and it sucks, because we all know that most of the new attendees are going to fall off the wagon by mid-February so they might as well not even bother.  Especially when they are using my treadmill, seriously why don’t you know I always watch Sports Center at 6AM on this treadmill.

We see the slogans everywhere “New Year, New You!”  In my opinion the new year is as good a time as any to re-evaluate your life, goals, obligations and happiness level.  But what do you do if you seriously re-evaluate your situation and realize, the life you have created for yourself is not the one you want?  What do you do when you don’t like the results?

Those people you and I see at the gym in January are AWESOME!  Let me tell you why.  They are awesome because they looked at one aspect of their life and said HEY!  I don’t like where I am at.  And most importantly, I am going to DO something about that.  Follow with me here: “I am going to do something…”  What an awesome statement.  You behaved as an adult, objectively evaluated your situation.  Made a decision based on where you found yourself and resolved to make changes based on those results.  How fantastic is that!  Taking ACTION, is the most powerful statement you can make.  Progress may be slow at first, but perseverance builds momentum.

One of my favorite Emmerson quotes: “Your actions speak so loud, I cannot hear what you say.”  In today’s age of over-sharing, everyone is talking; but how many of them do you see walking that walk.  Far less.  In my opinion those who are out there doing their thing, walking their walk, and then don’t need to tell the whole world; that is a cool cat.

This is the same wake up call to people who are sick of their job and/or their career path or any aspect of their life.  They exhibit excessive strength to stand up and say: “I am worth more.  This place I am at in life is not where I set out to be.  I am going to re-enforce my principles, values and self-worth and start down the path that is in-line with what I want.”

Don’t misunderstand me.  I am not advocating for people to recklessly quit menial or unfulfilling jobs potentially throwing their family lives into turmoil.  What I am saying is today; right now you can start making small steps towards your larger goal.  And while New Year. New You! Will sell stylish clothing, sitting down once a year for a re-evaluation of your situation would be beneficial.  Remember: “What gets measured gets improved.” – Peter Drucker.


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