I am entitled to my dreams and to make those dreams reality.

I am entitled to laugh and cry; to experience joy and pain, because without pain how do you know pure joy.

I am entitled to create for myself my ideal life.

I am entitled to swim through the ocean, to soar through the sky, to run through the fields and explore the boundless wonder of Earth.

I am entitled to wander aimlessly, to love deeply and feel passionately.

I am entitled to feel and be human, to allow my senses to operate at full capacity.

I am entitled to work and play.

I am entitled to waste time, for time is truly all I have and it is a precious limited resource, but it is mine to spend as I see fit.

I am entitled to live my life, to set goals, to fail, then try to achieve them again, and again and however long is needed to reach success.

I am entitled to work my ass off every day; to trade my blood sweat and tears for the opportunity to compete.  Each win is celebrated but each loss forces me to evaluate, work harder and perfect myself.

I am entitled to work hard, sacrifice and to push myself just a little further because my dreams can only be realized by me.  The opportunities that present themselves as challenges each day can only be surmounted by my will.

I am entitled to fail, to fall, to stumble and to pick myself back up and learn from each experience, because, without failure I cannot grow.

I am entitled to think and have an opinion different than yours, because the same is boring, and being a bully does not make you correct.

I am entitled to be wrong, to forgive and be forgiven to make mistakes and expand my heart.

I am entitled to live life my way; and knowing this, I won’t tell you how to live yours.


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